....or how to learn from my mistakes from 15+ years of modeling
Updated 1/5/15

++++ This page is ALWAYS under construction ++++


Making Emplaced Turret "Bunkers" for FOW
Converting Axis and Allies AMD-35s for FOW
Leftover PSC & Zvezda StuG Kitbash Tutorial
Panther to Bergepanther Conversion Tutorial
Simple and Effective Camo Netting (15mm)


Budget 15mm Barbed Wire & Minefield Obstacles
Budget 15mm Trench Lines
Budget 15mm Hedgerows
15mm City Parks (using Kibri 9792 Fences)
Realistic Marshes
Realistic Vineyards
Flexible Plowed Fields
15mm Telegraph/Telephone Lines

CD-based Desert Oasis
Hot Glue Alien Trees
Alien Cacti/Bushes from Sweet Gum pods
Barricades From Cities Of Death Sprue
Realistic Barbed Wire

Painting a Simple Planetary System board
The $15 or less display board


Brush Care 101
Choosing & Buying Paint
Paint Additives & Mediums
Airbrushing Basics

Painting Japanese-style Cherry Blossoms
Airbrushing "Realistic" Flamer & Blast Templates
Airbrushing "Glow" Effects & Object Source Lighting (Coming Soon!)


Running A Successful Tournament

Getting Started: Heavy Gear Blitz!

40K Tactica: Imperial Guard Sniper Rifles


How To Strip Painted Minis
How To Polish A Miniature For Painting & Fix A Pitted/Scratched Mini

Helpful Info From Other People

How to make easy brick walls with foamboard
How to make quick, realistic hedgerows
How to make frozen ponds and rivers
Easy "neon" signs

Painting "True" Metallics by Automaton